Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

(The need of maintenance of your self should be the priority at every stage of our life)


Everyone says what you give to others in terms of respect, attitude, and care is what you get in return in the same manner. As said, this is also true for your body. How your body behaves in terms of your illness your well-being is the return of how you treat your body, how you manage and develop it and most importantly how you prioritize your health at every stage of your life.

Health and fitness are not just about losing weight or hitting the gym, it is more that. It is about the quality of your life, your focus, your psychological state of mind and the way you feel.

As we have seen the return that we will get from maintaining health and fitness. Now we will see how we can achieve this goal and before starting we all should be prepared that this is not a magic that will enhance you overnight, it is a long term process that should become a part of our life without any burden. And it is well known that nothing good can be achieved easily.

Okay let’s get started.

As we all know that we live in a very stressful environment/mental pressure where students think a lot about their education, exams and many different things on the other side adults have their problems related to their business, job, family etc., Thus the first and the foremost is to include an exercise routine as a

part of your daily work. This will make you more consistent and focused at your work. And along with this it will make you more powerful both physically and mentally. By physically we obviously mean more energy and more activeness in our body. And with mental power we mean when exercising we disconnect from our work and life stress for some time and this is the best way to improve the state of the mind and what we get in                                                                                                  return in a healthy mind.

Along with a healthy mind what we get is a healthy body.

Further, with exercise we need to adapt a major thing that cannot be ignored is the eating habits.

In today’s busy life we all bend towards the desi junk food and we all adore it. This option has become the most comfortable and more tasteful but this unhealthy eating habit has made many of us more prone to illness due to low immunity power. Thus, this habit should be substituted with the habit of eating healthy meals which is a mix of fruits and vegetables. As this food is nutritious in nature and contains essential vitamins, proteins, fiber. It gives our body more strength, more energy, and boosts our immunity. This prevents us from getting ill by cleaning our body internally.

Therefore, a balanced diet is important and it is important to have a proper meal at appropriate time as this reduces your dietary problems and give you a fit body. But most people skip this rule and make mistakes of skipping of meals or eating less. This mistake is mostly done by people who start losing weight; they think that skipping meal and doing excessive exercise will make them fit. But skipping a meal or eating less meals or taking very light meals will not make them fit and healthy instead it will lower down the metabolism and this will make them gain even more weight and this will also make you more tiered and stressed. So what we learn is, skipping of meals will not make any difference in losing of weight but it will surely have a negative impact on our body.


The next tip for a healthy living is the sleep count. This means that every one of us, be a kid or an adult should have a proper sleep for a healthy lifestyle. This is because a proper sleep will give you more energy and more activeness in your body. And undervaluing your sleep influences your dietary choices and might end up losing even though worked hard for that.



The last but not the least tip is to value your rest days. Being working so hard for most of the days of the week we need to rest our muscles for at least one day in a week as this will properly enhance our body an your personal appearance.




Now as we have seen these tips on how to improve our health and remain fit, this will not only leave you look better and feel better but will also show up a better version of yourself to you and others in the form of adaptability, creativity, discipline, and balance that you will attain with the help of a better diet and exercise. This will also make you inspired for making changes in your own life so as to grow further in your life because self-development is a key to grow in every area of your life

That’s all from my side.

If you have any thoughts or ideas ,which can enhance this article and help other people in achieving their health and fitness goals, please feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

Thank you so much.

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